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For blockage work, domestic customers are charged at standard fixed rates and for commercial clients, we provide standard hourly rates. 

However, for other drainage services like installation and excavation, the prices may vary for the customers. 

Apart from designing and installing Drainage Systems which runs in all shapes and sizes, from residential sector to commercial properties. The DRAIN STARS has assisted with all types of drain blockages by operating with their different machines. 

Here are certain areas, in which we are on hand to deal with pride.

Emergency Drain Repairs

We have an exclusive emergency vehicle and trained technicians to deal with the blocked drains of your premises. These machines are equipped with high-pressure water jetting and electro-mechanical coring machines, providing the ideal mean of clearing blockages in places which are hard to reach.

Drain Maintenance

If not maintained properly, these drains can eventually lead to blockages and clog which are difficult to repair. Therefore, our team of experts consistently maintains the lines keeping them clean and clear for your hassle free work.

CCTV Surveys

The use of this innovation by our experts to inspect the drains and sewers is cost-effective and doesn't tear your pocket. It would also assist in resolving your issues quickly.

Drain Repairs

If annoyed with the damaged or collapsed drain, then contact our team to avoid the risk of any further leakage into your place.

Excavation and Installation Works

We have a specialist team that carries out all the designing, planning, installing and excavating work. To ensure qualitative service, our trained experts are at your service from start to finish. Even after the work is done, before your access, it is tested by our qualitative team of engineers.